PIECES provides youth education by sending volunteers to teach English worldwide in less developed areas. Currently we organize over 12 projects in 10 different countries (e.g. Brazil, Mongolia, Vietnam or Zambia).

The association is comprised of six different departments with different functions as well as the President.

We are looking for new Board Members for the following departments: Projects, Education, Vice President and Finance & Sponsoring, Events, Marketing, and IT.

Facing today's trend of digitalisation, PIECES has decided to establish a new position called Head of IT.

Are you interested in becoming a part of PIECES and in contributing to our social initiative? Apply now as a Board Member for the upcoming academic year 2018/2019!

The following descriptions help you to find out which position suits you best. Please read them carefully before you apply. After you have decided for which position you would like to apply, fill out the Application Form and attach your CV and motivation letter (in one PDF-File).

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


The President of PIECES is responsible for the coordination and management of the entire organisation. This includes tasks as preparing board meetings, initiating control mechanisms, taking over the external and internal communication and fulfilling several administrative tasks as the composition of semester reports. Furthermore, the president has to take a representative function and is accountable for the development of new collaborations and the well functioning of the organisation. For this position, 6 ECTS points in form of Campus Credits are given. The candidate should fulfil the following criteria: She/he has already formed part of PIECES as Active Member or Volunteer and knows the organisation well; Possession of excellent leading skills as well as team ability; Flexibility, reliance and organisational talent; Excellent English and communication skills; Disposal of sufficient time to fulfill the tasks responsibly.

Vice President and Head of Finance & Sponsoring

The Vice President and Head of Finance & Sponsoring is responsible for raising money and awareness for PIECES' volunteering projects. By contacting (potential) sponsors such as companies, foundations and service clubs, you will gain experience in how to communicate in a professional way. You get creative by coming up with new ideas to raise money and will probably organize workshops and speakers for upcoming events. With the help of about five to six Active Members, you also organize freebies (such as food for the Bootcamp, beer for the BP Tournament or other things). Best thing about it: If we have leftovers, you will get them for free! ;) As you will work closely together with the President, you will be able to improve the organisation as a whole, become innovative and take initiatives on your own. Furthermore, you'll be the main responsible for our newly launched PIECES Alumni Network The perfect candidate is either fluent in German or French, driven, outgoing and good at networking, while being keen on making a good impression and pays attention to detail. For this position, 4 ECTS points in form of Campus Credits are given.

Head of IT

By joining PIECES as Head of IT you will work closely together with the current Board and gain a deep insight into the different departments. Hence, you will be able to look for creative and innovative improvements (such as an online application website or new communication platforms). You will learn to work with Google-for-Non-Profits, Slack, and WordPress and help the Marketing Department to improve our PIECES website. If needed, you can recruit an Active Member to help you to fulfil your "additional self-defined” tasks. You should have experience with WordPress, pay attention to details, speak English and German or French, and be able to work independently as in a team. However, previous IT skills are desirable but not a must-have. Depending on the effort you put into it, you might even get HSG Campus Credits for it!

Head of Education

The Education Department has last year achieved much more than just creating teaching material. It has also sent 50 computers to its projects as a donation as well as beamers, to facilitate the teaching and reduce the use of paper. The Education Department thus also focused on sending school material, to make the teaching more sustainable and to give the kids the possibility to keep learning for the remaining of the year. Next year, we will keep on improving the teaching material, providing our volunteers with more suited exercises, keep on building sponsorships to supply various goods related to Education and of course your motivation. Lastly, the Education Department is working with close ties with the other teams, such as the Events Department, in order to organize specials days e.g. PIECES and Friends’ day, the Fun Run, Bake sales,… as well as the Projects Department, as we need to have a better understanding of their activities. If you are creative, visionary, motivated and that you can make a difference, apply as Head of Education. For this position, 4 ECTS points in form of Campus Credits are given.

Head of Projects

The Project Department’s responsibility is to ensure that the core business of PIECES works flawlessly. As Head of Projects you will coordinate and oversee the organization of all projects. Several Active Members of the Projects Department are supporting you by organizing the projects and taking care of the Volunteers. Your main tasks will be to lead the Projects Department team and thereby making sure all projects are implemented successfully. As a Board Member, you will evaluate new projects proposals and shape the future of PIECES. - Do you want to be in charge of the Projects Department and the amazing PIECES-Projects all over the world? Are you a structured, communicative, independent, reliable person who takes initiative and has good English Skills? Then apply to become Head of Projects! For this position, 4 ECTS points in form of Campus Credits are given.

Head of Events

The Head of Events is responsible for the creation and organization of fun events that brings people together, raise awareness and money for our projects abroad. By joining the Board as Head of Events, you are able to put your ideas into practice and to organise your own social gatherings, such as our famous BP-Tournaments, Bake Sales, the Boot Camp, and other activities. You will experience great teamwork, as you will also organize internal events (Team Building Days) and gain communication skills, take over responsibility and get to know many new people. You should be a driven, extroverted person with good teamwork skills, a flair for attracting a crowd and of course be good at scheduling. This team will be comprised of six Active Members. For this position, 4 ECTS points in form of Campus Credits are given.

Head of Marketing

The Marketing Department aims at increasing PIECES’ reputation by reaching out to our target group on social media, within the university through flyers, posters and info booths. You will create flyers and videos for promotional purposes and you will take pictures during events. By coming up with new ideas to do marketing and improve the website, you will gain professional experience. You are a good fit in case you have a creative mind, you write flawlessly in English and/or German and you have a clever and intriguing way of expressing yourself. The ability to work in a team as well as being able to take initiatives on your own is crucial. The department will consist of four to five members. If you are creative and looking for professional experience, the Head of Marketing position is for you! Help increase PIECES’ reach by making flyers, posters or even videos with the help of your team. You will also be in charge of all the communication through social medias or at uni. For this position, 4 ECTS points in form of Campus Credits are given.