The benefit of sponsors

PIECES is a student-driven social initiative that focuses on children’s education in developing countries. As a student-driven initiative, sponsorships allows us to offer more possibilities to our volunteers and to realize our vision. Through the involvement with PIECES, sponsors actively contribute to the education of children in developing countries all over the world.


What we offer

To show our gratitude, the sponsors' logo is published in the Sponsors section of our webpage and our Facebook page offers them the possibility to contact over 600 students from the University of St. Gallen. As a Sponsor, one would additionally be mentioned in our presentation held at the University of St. Gallen and propositions of workshops with students of the University of St. Gallen is possible. Moreover, the PIECES active member ensure to convey a positive image of our sponsors to the University. PIECES appreciates any kind of donation to support the projects.

Donations do not only include financial aid but also material aid.Material aid comprise any material that could be used for teaching, such as pens, books, printings and so on. Material aid furthermore includes food and drinks, which we could use for events within the organization to maintain the relationship between past members and volunteers. But also flyers or any other material support that helps us to keep our organizational cost at its lowest.


Becoming a sponsor

One way of being a sponsor is to become a project partner, meaning that you financially support a specific project that we operate. Becoming a project partner would increase the personal relation to PIECES, seeing as the aid would go to a specific project. In addition, this creates the possibility to realize new projects for volunteers abroad and thus propagate even more impact.


Our Sponsors

We wish to devote this section to thanking our current sponsors, who continuously allow for this organization to grow with so  much support every year. Every year, PIECES' accomplished goals become more numerous and its vision becomes ever more prominent.

Thank you for making this possible for us. 


The Mercator Foundation Switzerland supports and initiates projects in the areas of education, understanding, participation and environment. More specifically, they wish to contribute to fair educational opportunities in Switzerland and to promote an open and engaged society, which demonstrates their responsibility toward the environment. With the program “Engagier dich!”, they support students who voluntarily engage with and take responsibility for society.



After its merger with Tschudy Druck AG, Typotron AG has become evermore stronger as a printing house. The synergies created has allowed Typotron AG to become even more competent, fast and efficient than before. This improvement is also owed to the dedicated and highly experiences employees with whom Typotron works. Get in touch and put them to the test!


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