Long-term Volunteering: São Paulo, Brazil

Status: available

Length and approximative date: from 4 weeks onwards. Dates to be determined with the NGO.

Location of the NGO: Brazil, São Paulo, southern periphery of the city (district Jardim Angela)

Population: 3´000 people

Currency: Brazilian Real

Official Language: Portuguese

ARCO Associação Beneficente

We offer education, nutrition- and health-care services, as well as culture- and leisure activities to over 640 children and adolescents (from the age of 1- 18 years) every week, who live in socially vulnerable conditions. We also support their families and the whole community in the district Jardim Angela.

You as a Volunteer

The daily life in the favelas can be quite hard and is definitely far away form the lifestyle that you experience in the center of the modern and rich mega-city São Paulo. However, if you are a highly-motivated, patient, flexible and open-minded person, you will encounter a completely different reality by working with our children, our staff and the locals.

The volunteers work five days a week, approx. 8 hours a day, where it is most needed. This includes supporting our staff in the nursery-school and in the classrooms or teaching English and German in front of your own class, such as helping out in the kitchen, at cleaning or at one of our construction sites. Don´t worry, there is always a helping hand needed.

As a volunteer of this project, you will experience Brazilian lifestyle, gratitude and cheerfulness at first hand.

As English is not spoken in the favela, it definitely helps if you speak some Portuguese or if you are willing to learn it during your stay with us.

Food & Accommodation

The volunteers will be staying in one of the two volunteer houses, that are on the school ground. Both houses have a living room, a washing machine and a kitchen, where the volunteers can cook their dinners together. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the school.

Medicine and Vaccination

In case you get sick during your time with us, we have two nurses, who provide basic medical care and could take care of you. There are also public and private hospitals, if more serious treatment is needed. Before you get here, please check with your house or tropical doctor, which vaccinations are recommended for your trip.

Contact person

Heidi Caluori, General Manager and Karin Eggenberger, Responsible for Volunteers – arco@thepieces.ch

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