Country (Location of the project): Zambia (Livingstone)

Project Times:

Winter:February (3 weeks)
Summer: July/August (4 weeks)

Size of the Team: 5 volunteers

zambia team

Location: Zambia, Livingstone

Official Language: English; there are however many different regional languages

map zambia


The Kwathu Free Haven Community School offers classes to primary and secondary school children from poor families in the Highland community. The level of English of the children is basic but they are usually eager to learn. Volunteers will work together closely with the local teachers, support children with a need for extra support and help with providing teaching materials and methods. For more information, visit their website:


Our volunteers stay at a volunteer house, which is also used as an Airbnb when there is enough room. This way you can also get to know other travellers from all over the world.


Contact Persons & Partners:

Many thanks to Samantha Knaub, founder and principal of Kwathu Free Haven Community School for the great collaboration. Many thanks as well to Ivor Makasa, our lovely host, local guide and friend to our volunteers.


PIECES covers the costs for board and lodging during the stay with a sponsorship. The volunteers are required to bear the costs of the flight and all kind of costs arising from transportation, visa application, travel health insurances and vaccinations.


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