Peru Arequipa



Project Times:

Winter: February (3 weeks)
Summer: August/September (4 weeks)

Please be aware that you should have a good level of Spanish to be considered for the program.

Information about the location
Arequipa is the capital and largest city of the Arequipa Region and the seat of the Constitutional Court of Peru. The city is surrounded by three volcanoes and known for its historic city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains numerous baroque buildings constructed from sillar, a white volcanic stone. It is also Peru's second highest populated city with 861.145 inhabitants, as well as its third most populous metropolitan area. Furthermore, Arequipa is the second most industrialized and commercialized city in Peru.

Type of school and level of English

Volunteers teach at two different institutions.

The first institution, Aldea Sagrada Família, is an orphanage accommodating children from young to higher age. PIECES volunteers teach around 20 students from 8 to 20 years. The level of English ranges from none to basic, challenging volunteers regarding teaching methods.

The second institution, Instituto del Sur, is a university. Volunteers teach groups composed of up to 16 students aged around 18 years. Here, the level of English ranges from basic to intermediate where volunteers can apply traditional teaching methods.


In Arequipa, there are two houses accommodating two volunteers each. The accommodations belong to the contact persons mentioned further below, and are in proximity to the city center. However, they are not in a walking distance from the teaching locations and, thus, volunteers are required to take a taxi or use public transportations.


Costs are based on the length of the stay, thus differing in summer and winter periods. Daily meals are included and provided by the accommodation.

Flight costs vary between 1200 – 1600 CHF and the general price level in Peru is relatively cheap.

·         Food: cheap

·         Clothes: cheap

·         Hygienic articles: expensive

·         Tourist-trips: acceptable

Teaching times

Classes take place from Monday to Friday. The schedule is defined by the contact person a few weeks before the project starts.

Monday – Friday: 5.5 hours / day

Contact person

Your main contact person and host mother is Hortencia Hinojosa Perez, which also happens to be a teacher at the university and works for the NGO AndesSur. Giovanna Paz, family friend of the Perez’, will be your second host mother and accommodate you in their lovely homes.

Size of the team
4 people