Mongolia (Altai)

Project Times:

  • Summer: August (4 weeks)

Size of the Team: 5 volunteers



Altai City, Gobi Altai Province

Information about the location

Mongolia is the most sparsely populated sovereign country in the world and the second-largest landlocked country. The majority of the population are Buddhists. Today, approximately 30% of the country’s population is nomadic.

Population: 3’081’677

Capital: Ulaanbaatur

Currency: Tugrug

Language: Mongolian


The project is located in Altai, the capital of the Gobi-Altai province in western Mongolia. Altai has a population of about 16’000 people. To the south of the city is the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area. Gobi-Altai is home to many rare animals like the Gobi bear, Bactrian camel, snow leopard, Prewalski’s horse, etc. Working at this school would allow the volunteers to take a weekend trip to the place where the wild horses are being reintroduced. Different mountains such as the Eej Khairkhan, Sutai Khairkhan and Burkhan buudai are located in this area.




Khantaishir-Erdem School



The Khantaishir-Erdem School is a general school, consisting of kindergarten, elementary and high school. Approximately 800 students are enrolled in this school.

The PIECES project will be organized as a summer school. The students attending the summer school are aged from 12 to 17. Furthermore, one class will be organized for adults and English teachers. The English level will be mixed.

The teaching schedule is flexible. The volunteers will teach 2-3 hours in the morning and undertake other activities with the students in individual afternoon programs (music and dance activities, sports, theatre, etc.) The summer school will take place 5 days a week (weekends are off).


The volunteers may live with local host families, some living in a flat and others in a ger (traditional housing).


Contact Person & Partner:  

Anita Fahrni-Minear

Thanks to all the persons involved in the project and especially to Anita Fahrni-Minear, who makes this project possible. She has a vast network in Mongolia as she has worked with Mongolian schools and universities since 1998. For her program she received the highest award given to foreigners by the Mongolian government.


PIECES covers the costs for board and lodging during the stay with a sponsorship. The volunteers are required to bear the costs of the flight and all kind of costs arising from transportation, visa application, travel health insurances and vaccinations.