Kenya (Kimilili)

Availability of the project

Status: available

Project Times:

Winter: February (3 weeks) – only for SIM-Students
Summer: August (4 weeks)

In Winter, a dedicated team of Strategy and International Management (SIM) students manage the Kenya project!

Size of the Team: 4 volunteers

This project is a collaboration with School4Life! More
information about School4Life can be found at


Also, check out the Facebook page of our volunteers and learn more about
the project here: Brick for Kimilili. Three students of the University of St. Gallen
went to Kenya to build a new classroom for the CBSM school in Kimilili.


Location of the school
Kenya, Kimilili, Bungoma District (Western Kenya)

Population: 46 million people

Capital: Nairobi

Currency: Kenyan Shilling

Official Languages: English and Kiswahili

map kenya


The volunteers will teach English at the school for 2-4 hours per day. Besides this they will be helping with other tasks that are urgent at the time of the project (e.g. moving the orphanage, giving coaching programs to students who are graduating etc.)

There are both a primary and a secondary school where volunteers will be teaching at. The level of English of students varies greatly depending on the age and educational background.


Volunteers will live with a local host family in the village and receive three meals a day from their hosts. Accommodation will be very basic so volunteers should be aware of this.

Contact Persons & Partners:

Many thanks to School4Life which is a Swiss charity organization running a primary and secondary school for 800 orphans and vulnerable children as well as a Children’s Home for 25 children. Special thanks go to Agnes Ellis, Astrid Kühne and Ulrike Richter for the great collaboration. More information about School4Life can be found on their website:


PIECES covers the costs for board and lodging during the stay with a sponsorship. The volunteers are required to bear the costs of the flight and all kind of costs arising from transportation, visa application, travel health insurances and vaccinations.