Long-term Volunteering: Mongolia

Status: available

Length and approximative date: from 8 weeks-onwards, long-term volunteering also possible – Dates to be determined with the NGO

Location of the schools

Places Darkhan, Khovd, Bayan Ulgii, Ulaanbaatar and elsewhere

Currency: Mongolian Törög

Official Language: Mongolian

You as a Volunteer

We are on the lookout for a highly motivated and well-organized person who has a great deal of initiative in contributing to our project.

For your personal development: you will have the chance to apply effectively your intercultural and organizational skills as well as actively contribute to sustainable development. You will have the opportunity to completely submerge yourself into another culture.

Type of person needed

Independent, flexible, able to improvise, patient, in good health and ready for a real challenge.

Furthermore, a teaching degree is advantageous but not necessary. Excellent English, both spoken and written, is required.

Salary and Food & Accommodation

A Mongolian salary of about US$ 300 per month will be paid. Housing is usually provided by the school. Transportation to and from Mongolia must be paid for by the teacher.

Level of English

Grades 4-12 (primary/secondary/vocational school) or university

Contact person

Anita Fahrni, Program Director, Swiss Program for Language Instruction and Teacher Training  – mongolia@thepieces.ch