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Recruitment Closed 

Are you interested in participating in a meaningful social project? Do you have an open heart and want to work to allow other people to directly help youth in developing countries? Would you like to contribute to our organization with new ideas, work in teams and develop your leadership skills? Do your share in making this world a better place while having fun in a team of highly committed and diversified students! Join PIECES as an active member and learn for life! Our offer stands exclusively for students of the University of St. Gallen and all recruiting and events take place at the University of St Gallen. More information about the association on the webpages: About us and What we do!


Active Members

Positions opened: Click here to read our Active Members Task Description

The teams are as follows:

Projects Department: The Projects Department consists of 3 active members who work with Marlène Schürch as department head. Each member is assigned responsibility for 2-3 projects.

Education Department: The Education Department, led by Niccolo Schlueb, is divided into the Teaching Material Team and the Impact Measurement Team, with two active members in each team.

Marketing Department: This department consists of 2-3 members, with Ariana de los Cobos as department head. The responsibilities will be divided into Social Media & Website, and Flyers & Photography and IT.

Finance Department: This department, led by Dominic Germann, is divided into the Sponsoring Team and the Events Team, with two active members per team.

Fundraising Dinner Team: led by Vice President Fiona Koller, this team consists of 2-3 active members.

How to apply?

Send us the following documents in ONE pdf to:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter (to introduce yourself and state your motivation and the position wished and/or new ideas for PIECES)

Important dates:

  • 12-30.09.2016: Time period for the submission of candidatures
  • 03-05.10.2016: Time period during which interviews for the candidates will take place
  • 07.10.2016: Active member “team building” day

Recruitment Process:

Each candidature will be forwarded to the Heads of the respective department. According to the number of candidatures, the Heads will either interview all candidatures for their department or only interview candidates with outstanding candidatures.



Don’t forget that you can apply as a volunteer and also as a member!